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Cram Cream Cuteness!

Tigertree got a new shipment of super cute wash cloths in last night so I had to run down there and get them! šŸ™‚



They also haveĀ adorable tapes as well!Ā Get down to the store to get your own set of cute!


Cute orange monkey

He is just adorable!

orangeĀ monkey

pretty bag

What a beautiful bag from Jcrew. Too bad that on sale it is still $200!

Really pretty though. Love the color and the shape of it.


Cute parasols

parasol (8k image)

Aren’t these pretty? I love the pink one. I had been looking for some parasols for the wedding, but had given up on them because all I could find that were nice were $30 or more!
These were pretty inexpensive. From

20 cent Love

This stamp is so pretty. Probably one of my all-time favorites.
loveflowers (10k image)


leering (5k image)

This is the ring we ordered for Lee last night. It is titanium with a silver inlay. Can’t wait to get it!! It’s from Gillett’s Jewellers
Here is the ring we are going to Tiffany’s to look at for me. I know I love it though, so we’ll probably get it too! šŸ™‚
lannering (7k image)

fortune favors

Probably will order our favors soon, just need to think of some fortunes or what we want to say. We get 5 free messages. Any suggestions? Raspberry Fortune Cookies!
raspfc (15k image)