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Better picture of the apron I made for Desi for the North Market’s Apron Gala.



We went to the Apron Gala last night at the North Market.

I made Desi his apron, and he won best male apron! 
Pretty cute.

Daddy and Desi 

Cute Kid Rug!

This rug is just too cute!


Cram Cream Cuteness!

Tigertree got a new shipment of super cute wash cloths in last night so I had to run down there and get them! 🙂



They also have adorable tapes as well! Get down to the store to get your own set of cute!


Walker surprised me with a book last night that I’ve been wanting for quite awhile! I feel like we have gotten a glimpse into a special new world! ^_^


Boston Terrier Stuffies

These little friends are super cute!


Binth Alphabet Poster

Walker & I saw this poster while we were in a Paper Source store in San Francisco over the weekend and fell in love with it for baby’s room. It fits our aqua & orange color scheme perfect and we love vintage looking things! So we decided to get it. Apparently it is a pretty popular item because while looking through my Blueprint magazine last night, it was in there too! It came yesterday in the mail and is absolutely gorgeous.  Love it! Now to get it framed!