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8 Random Things About Me

Here are a few random tidbits about me:1. I love sourdough bread. I used to only really like the bread at Spaghetti Warehouse, but now I have found a bake-it-yourself loaf at Kroger that is really yummy.2. I like colors in combinations. Right now, my favorites are blue & white and aqua & orange.3. I really don’t like small talk. So talk to me about something real. Because if you want to small talk I will probably be unresponsive!4. I like a lot of Japanese things! ^_^ Yes, I am a grownup and find Hello Kitty & her friends super cute!5. I am really good at giving the perfect gifts to people. I have some gifts that I have been keeping for awhile, awaiting the perfect time to give.6. I majored in English but still find grammar confusing!7. ¬†I don’t like math, but I end up doing accounting and taxes!8. I am an artist and would like to get my creative projects going again. Lately, I have just been doing scrapbooks.


Cram Cream Cuteness!

Tigertree got a new shipment of super cute wash cloths in last night so I had to run down there and get them! ūüôā



They also have adorable tapes as well! Get down to the store to get your own set of cute!

Boston Terrier Stuffies

These little friends are super cute!


Paperbag Puppets

so cute and colorful!¬† part of martha stewart’s new craft line.


fun for parties!

Got this great present this weekend!  Will be lots of fun for parties!

Probably will definitely be having some this summer!


//edit// Used this over the weekend and it is awesome!  Quiet, pretty and lots of fun!  Kids were loving it too!

on their way to the mailbox!

I can’t wait for these books to make it to my house!

One is about bears and other toys, this pictured one is about tiny dogs! so cute!


//edit// books came on Friday and they are great!¬† Especially Mame Wanko.¬† I can’t wait to start making some adorable friends!

more wedding scrapbook!